Esmann Island Board Meeting 8-26-2017

Esmann Island Owner’s Association

Board Meeting

August 26, 2017

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 8:01 am by President Terry Denner.

Board members present:  Terry Denner, Tom Reimer, Chad Williams, Tony Reyerson, Bruce Copeland, Bob Buhrow. Absent: Jane Ertl   Also present were Helen Schwietert (Treasurer) Laurie Helling (Secretary)

Members Present:   Tom Nagel, Linda Lampe, Dave & Mary Koopman, Don Niosi, Doug Hintzman, Chris Miller, Teri Denner, Cindy Miller, Steve Lampe, Kari Winders, Larry Gaul, Wayne Jensen.


  • Motion made to approve the board minutes of 7-15-17 meeting by Tony Reyerson.  2nd by Buhrow.  All approved. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • 1 Delinquent Assessment-Letter will be sent to owner after meeting for immediate payment.
  • Motion made by Bruce Copeland to approve Treasurer’s report. 2nd by Chad Williams.  All approved. Motion carried.


  • Bills Presented:  Utilities, Lawn Mowing, AC repair/maintenance assoc. office, taxes, new office laptop.
  • A big thank you to Doug Hintzman for picking out the new laptop and adding necessary updated office programs.
  • Tom Reimer made motion to approve bills, 2nd by Chad Williams. Motion carried.

Building Permits:

  • Lot 144 & 153 Permit submitted for new house structure. Roger & Jodi Weiss 488 River View. Approved Pending DNR & county permits.
  • Burco-Permit submitted for garage on Lot 23 across from his home. Approved Pending DNR Permits.
  • Checking on completed projects and current progress with open permits.
    • Brodigan DNR & County permits received.

Property Ownership Changes:

  • Tom Pittman Lot 57, 360 Second Ave, from Advantage Development (Keune)
  • Andy Phelps, Lots 307 & 27, 361 River View Rd, from Connie Schneider.
  • Jeff Zearley, Lot 266, 425 Hickory Rd,  from Chip Flory
  • Chip Flory, Lot 281, 404 Timberlane Rd, from Dennis & Mary Ream

Road Report:  

  • Board will fix the pothole on side of road coming onto island before Abel driveway.
  • Road is in good shape over all. May have an inspector from the surfacing company check it in the future.

Boat Storage Committee:  Don Niosi asks that all trailers be out of the Island Shed by September 23rd.  Boats already on list for winter storage can start moving in after Sept. 23. The shed is at capacity at this time. If you wish to be placed on a waiting list, please contact Don Niosi, 364 River View.

Ramp Committee:  See updated discussion points under Old Business

Beautification Committee:  Nothing new to report

Pond Committee:   Kari Winders was present to update Board members on Pond Clean-Up Efforts.

  • HUGE THANK YOU to many island members, friends and family who helped with the pond clean-up efforts so far!  Especially member Kevin Perrinjaquet for his generous time, large machinery to dredge, move dirt and open up the beach area!  At the minimum, $20K+ has been donated in time, machinery, materials!   Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Tether Ball pole and Volleyball net are installed.
  • Cart Path cleared and graveled over to the beach area!
  • Kari has checked into all organic enzymes for the water to address the algae, while we still research solar vs electric aerators. Solar was preferable but in the winter even 48 hrs of no sun could shut the aerator down so discussion held on running/trenching electricity to the pond area
  • CAN REDEMPTION FUND:  The can collection area is set up by the Assoc. shed. CANS only, no plastic or glass. All the funds collected from cans collected will be donated to Pond Fund. We will get $12 per full bag.  **Again, if possible, empty completely or even rinse. Thanks!













Old Business:

  • North Ramp-.
    • Terry Denner has received the approved forms back from Corps of Engineers. Just waiting on DNR.
    • Bids received bids from Friedlein and Vondehaar,
      • Discussion held on the bids and making sure they were comparable in what we want and what they are bidding.  Friedlein has until following Friday-Sept. 1 to resubmit bid.
      • Repair work wouldn’t take place until mid-late September at earliest.
    •  Winning bid & timeline of repairs will be discussed at September board meeting.
  •  Storage Unit Building-
    • Initial bids brought in to the board are extremely high. This is somewhat expected given the time of year.
      • Building, concrete etc. all higher than what board would want to even consider.
      • This discussion will be tabled as board will continue to pursue lower bids throughout the next few months.
      • Discussion held on possibly sending an extra mailing to keep members informed or adding separate sheet with next year’s annual meeting mailer on status. (2018)
      • Nothing will be approved without membership input and votes at such time when needed.
      • Larry Gaul, member, brought to the attention of the board, several older pole buildings at the Clayton County Fairgrounds which are available for free. Must dismantle etc.


  • Discussion was held on where to hold the funds raised for the Pond and various volunteer projects.
    • Decision to open a separate bank account for Esmann Island where can funds and donations collected can be kept. It will be called Esmann Rec Fund.
    • Doug Hintzman made suggestion to keep it as Esmann Island Association DBA Esmann Rec Fund.
    • $100 check donation was dropped off at the meeting for the fund.
    • Kari Winders, Teri Denner, and Cindy Miller will monitor the donations and funds. Itemized funds, donations & expenditures will be kept for treasurer.
  • It was brought to the board’s attention by Bill Allyn of a bad tree on front between his property and Neylen lot. It was damaged in the storms earlier this summer and perhaps should be taken down. Board members will go look at tree, locate pins and see if it’s on common ground.
  • Don Niosi voiced his concerns on the Clayton County Property tax increases again this year.
    • Last year we saw one increase and this year is the bigger hit. Driven partially by school referendum and also properties on both islands, when purchased, existing structures are razed and brand new houses built are factored into “property value”.
    • You are able to plead your case to Clayton County but you need to have specific examples of comparables in hand. No guarantees they will lower your property taxes, but you can certainly try.
  • Tom Nagel asked if anyone knew what the county plans were for the highway and especially the road coming on to the island. Last year there was a proposal for bike trails, cart path etc, but there is no state/county budget money to complete that this year. However, someone said they are supposed to resurface when finished.

 Next Board Meeting will be September 16, 2017 at 8:00 am.

 Motion made by Terry Denner to adjourn at 9:07, 2nd by Bob Buhrow. Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Helling, Secretary

UPDATED!! POND CLEAN UP (Sunday, Aug 6th @ 830 am)

UPDATED!!  POND CLEAN UP (Sunday, Aug 6th @ 830 am)

Hoping to try again beautifying our common ground pond area. If you are able to help, we will start working at 830 this Sunday, August 6.

Weed whackers, push lawn mower, rakes, chainsaw, and gloves will probably be some of the things needed to complete some work. Might need a few wheel barrels too. Hopefully Mother Nature will work with us this weekend. So many great things happening this weekend and look forward to seeing many of you! Again, thanks to all who have put so much into making the pond great again. It takes a village…

Pond Activity to Date: Update

Kari Winders, Pond Committee Chair

Esmann Island Board Meeting 7-15-2017

Esmann Island Owner’s Association

Board Meeting

July 15, 2017

 Board Members Present:  Meeting called to order at 8:02 am by Terry Denner. Board members present: Jane Ertl, Tom Reimer, Chad Williams, Tony Reyerson, Bruce Copeland, and Bob Buhrow . Also present were Helen Schwietert (Treasurer) Laurie Helling (Secretary)

Members Present:   Henry “Bud” Martens, Buddy Martens, Ken Root, Dottie Reimer, Cristy Huber, Teri Denner, Gail Scheer, Anthony Lumetta, Doug Hintzman, Kari Winders, Chris Miller, Cindy Miller.


  • Jane Ertl made a note of a typo in her email address in last minutes. Amended.
  • Motion by Jane Ertl to approve board minutes of 6-24-17,  2nd by Tony Reyerson. All approved. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Jane Ertl asked for clarification on the road surfacing and phases as to how it’s broken out in the monthly report. Explanation was given by current board.
  • Motion made by Tony Reyerson to approve Treasurer’s report. 2nd by Chad Williams.  All approved. Motion carried.


  • Bills Presented:  Utilities, Lawn Mowing
  • Treasurer Helen Schwietert informed the board she is working with the Insurance company to change the billing cycle from Feb/Feb to Aug/Aug. It would make more sense since she and more board members are around instead of the winter. Helen will continue to work with them on realigning the billing cycle.  Possibly need to prorate and have a temp bill/binder fee.
  • Tom Reimer made motion to approve, 2nd by Chad Williams. Motion carried.

Building Permits:

  • Dan Brodigan Permit- DNR approval was sent to board. Permit & Road Deposit checks in order.
  • Checking on completed projects and current progress with open permits.
  • Helling- Lot 170 moving Free Standing Carport from Lot 172.  Subject to setbacks. Permit check submitted. Approved.
  • Permit checks were gathered for Earl Burkle project.

Property Ownership Changes:

  • Brandon Horn purchased 423 Timberlane from Marcia Hall
  • Lot 27 & 307—Doug Hintzman informed the board an old lien against the property has been released and cleared,  so a pending sale can proceed. Handed in paperwork to be filed in Association office.

Road Report:  

  • Nothing new to report except Board will fix the pothole on side of road coming onto island before Abel driveway.

Boat Storage Committee: Nothing to report at this time

Ramp Committee:  See updated discussion points under Old Business

Beautification Committee:  Nothing new to report

Pond Committee:  Kari Winders was present to update Board members on Pond Clean Up efforts.

  • Guttenberg Fire Dept. was contacted to locate underwater pipe used as pump in case of fire emergency.
  • Alliant Energy & other utilities were also contacted for locates on underground lines running through the common grounds.
    • Looking for Volunteers to help the Pond Committee take care of some weed clean up, landscaping, raking algae from the pond edges, trimming trees etc.
    • Please dress appropriately (**there is some poison oak in the woods around the pond), bring gloves, rakes, and a Can-Do Spirit!
    • Island member Kevin Perrinjaquet is bringing a backhoe to dredge out a couple areas and level out some sand and bank areas.
  • Terry Denner had called the Decorah Hatchery to ask about fish to help keep the grass and algae down but the Hatchery said there is no fish that will “clean it”.  It’s river water and there will always be algae.
  • Terry also said they discussed an aerator (solar) and once that process is started you must keep doing it all the time. You can’t just start it and stop it periodically.
  • Other options still be explored are possible chemical shocking treatment, but nothing would be done without consulting hatchery and DNR.
  • The Winders ViceBox July 4th Concert raised roughly $400 to for the Pond Committee Fund. Donations can always be made at any time to Kari Winders or a Board Member to give to Kari.
  • This money would be earmarked for a solar aerator. Kari will be doing some comparative research on types, cost, longevity, service etc. and bring info back to the board.
  • There is another dock to be donated to the pond. Thank You!
  • Island member present at meeting, Buddy Martens brought up a important topic. He is very familiar with aerated lakes/ponds near his home in Illinois. In the winter, members are used to the pond freezing over with ice thick enough to support ice fishing, HOWEVER, an aerator will significantly thin out the ice in a wider radius around it!  It may look fine but will be too thin to support weight safely. Buddy mentioned at their ponds, they’ve collected all kinds of old but in good shape ladders which are placed around the pond, just in case of a needed rescue. He said there should be at least one long *as long as you can find extension ladder with another rope attached to end—it can then be slid over to the person in the water so they can grab on and the rescuers can stay a good distance back from thin ice to pull them out of the water and back to safe area.  Just a great idea to keep in mind for the winter no matter what the conditions are.
  • With that said some discussion held on potential liability and to make sure all of that is covered under our common grounds policy.

Old Business:

  • North Ramp-.
    • Terry Denner has filed all the papers and forms with the DNR.
    • Bids received bids from Friedlein and Vondehaar, Willie chose to “no quote.”
      • Discussion held on the two bids and if we needed a 3rd.
      • Board members will really scour the two bids, make sure both are comparable in options and services.
      • Before next meeting, decide which are options are necessary and which ones may not be necessary.  Present those options at next meeting.
      • Repair work wouldn’t take place until September at earliest.
    • Jane Ertl proposed a motion to continue detailed discussion on 2 bids received and not pursue a 3rd bid at this time. Tony Reyerson 2nd, all approved. Motion passed.
  • . Storage Unit Building
    • Board members reaching out to Clayton County Assessors researching taxes on various size buildings—including 60 X 120
    • One point brought up at annual meeting was a building would probably have to be raised above flood plain. Patti Ruff at Clayton County suggested contacting Asia Azam at DNR to confirm. Terry will contact Asia Azam.
    • Discussion held on timeline, getting solid bids, from contractors etc.
      • Terry Denner had made some initial inquiries on lumber and cement.
      • Suggestion from the members present on contacting the Amish for a bid.
      • Tony Reyerson offered to make some inquiries on various rough bids for 4 or 6 sub-contractors.  Chris Miller said he’d give Tony names/contacts if needed.
  • Island Member/Owner: Buddy Marten asked the board to speak on behalf of him and his father Bud Marten (both of Lot 71) regarding the possible storage unit building proposal.
    • Terry Denner gave Buddy the floor.
    • Bud told the board his family has been coming to the island since the 1950’s and have one of (if not) the smallest lot on the island. 50 ft X 50 ft. Very little room on either side to next property. They have had to have boats sit in the yard as well as other belongings because they do not have any storage.
    • Bud then read a prepared letter.
    • Board thanked the Martens for attending and voicing their personal thoughts and ideas.  (**SEE LAST PAGE for copy of letter)
    • Discussion on Bud’s proposed idea and will be taken under consideration as this proposal progresses.
      • Terry asked for a motion to pursue bids and gathering necessary information.
      • Motion made by Tom Reimer to pursue bids and information related to a storage building, 2nd by Chad Williams. All approved. Motion passed.
      • Tony Reyerson made a motion to form a Storage Building Committee. 2nd by Jane Ertl. All approved. Motion passed.
      • Discussion tabled until next meeting and more information gathered.


  • New Computer for Association
    • Discussion held on updating the Association computer and Windows/Office Suite. Current programs are very old versions and not compatible with newer personal laptop used by secretary.
    • Updating Microsoft Office Suite will streamline the secretary and treasurer’s job functions and be in synch with other operating systems.
    • No internet service will be added to building at this time.
    • Terry Denner asked for a motion. Tony Reyerson made a motion to proceed and purchase a new laptop and MicroSoft Office Suite/QuickBooks, not to exceed $1000.
    • Doug Hintzman volunteered to make the purchase for the Association.
  • Can Collection for Pond Fund
    • Terry Denner brought up the idea of having an island can collection site in order to raise extra funds for the Pond committee.
    • Discussion on where to place collection site.
      • A chain link dog kennel fence will be placed outside next to the Association Building. A container with appropriate bags will be placed next to it. Cans need to be in the bags provided, preferably emptied completely. No grocery bags etc.
      • The bags of collected cans will be taken to redemption center by board members or specified volunteers at least once a month.
      • Absolutely no glass.
      • Teri Denner will make signage for the Can Collection designated area.
  • NOTE:  Next Board Meeting will be a week later in August due to conflicts by several board members.Next Board Meeting will be August 26th at 8:00 am.Motion made by Terry Denner to adjourn at 9:30, 2nd by Bruce Copeland. Motion approved.Respectfully submitted,

    Laurie Helling Secretary

**Marten Letter:


Storm Update 7-20-17 Roads open/Power on

Roads were open and power restored this morning around 10 am.  Still a few trees/limbs down on member lots.

Per Terry Denner, President of Esmann Association Board:

“We opened up a burn hole area for all the down trees. Pass the word if people want to bring their tree limbs/debris to the sand pit.”

  • Opportune time to trim back any trees and shrubs that may be hanging down over the road or growing into the road from your property.
  • REMINDER:  Pond Clean Up is still scheduled for Saturday morning! 8 am  *Bring gloves, rakes and meet at pond.

Thank you for everyone keeping us posted on conditions and helping neighbors & friends!

Storm Damage Update 10:01 pm 7-19-17

STORM DAMAGE UPDATE: Lots of debris and trees down.
Jasper lost two trees and power line down on lot. The trees are down across the road. Power came on for 10 seconds and transformer on pole burst into flames.
Esmann does not have power at this time.  With all the severe county area damage, not sure when Esmann power will be restored. Will be trying to reach Alliant. If you are on island, PLEASE BE SAFE. Do NOT try to move down lines, and watch out for cracked or hanging tree limbs.

POND CLEAN UP–Sat. July 22 8 am “Many Hands Make Light Work”–We Need U


o Looking for Volunteers to help the Pond Committee take care of some weed clean up, landscaping, raking algae from the pond edges, trimming trees etc.
o Please dress appropriately (**there is some poison oak in the woods around the pond), bring gloves, rakes, and a “Can-Do” Spirit!

Please contact Kari Winders, Pond Committee w/ questions

Esmann Island Board Meeting 6-24-2017

Esmann Island Owner’s Association

Board Meeting

June 24, 2017

 Board Members Present:

Meeting called to order at 8:00 am by Doug Hintzman. Board members present: Tom Reimer, Chad Williams, Tony Reyerson, Bruce Copeland, Terry Denner. Newly elected members: Jane Ertl and Bob Buhrow. Also present were Helen Schwietert (Treasurer) Laurie Helling (Secretary)

Members Present:   Bob & Donna Gilkes, Steve Lampe, Bill Allyn, Wayne Jensen, Chris Miller, Doug Hintzman

First Order of Business—Election of Board Officers for 2017-2018

  • Nomination of President: Terry Denner  1st Jane Ertl,  2nd Tom Reimer  Nomination accepted. All in favor. Motion Passed.
  • Nomination of Vice-President: Jane Ertl 1st by Tony Reyerson, 2nd by Terry Denner. Nomination accepted. All in favor. Motion passed.

New Board 2017-2018

President: Terry Denner (641) 330-3487 ~

Vice-President:  Jane Ertl Root (563) 590-3032

Tom Reimer   (319) 231-5498 ~

Chad Williams   (319) 533-9663 ~

Tony Reyerson   (608) 386-2199 ~

Bruce Copeland (319) 721-1779 ~

Bob Buhrow (319) 231-3040 


  • Motion by Tony Ryerson to approve board minutes of  5-20-2017. 2nd by Chad Williams. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Motion made by Bruce Copeland to approve Treasurer’s report. 2nd by Tom Reimer.  Motion carried.


  • Bills Presented:  Utilities, Lawn Mowing, Bi-County Disposal. Tony Reyerson made motion to approve, 2nd by Bob Buhrow. Motion carried.

Building Permits:

  • Alan Johnson- 466 River View-Permit to build new sunroom on existing deck footprint. (Building Committee & Board APPROVED.)
  • Phil & Linda Lampe -Lots 257-258, Revised building plans for 8 X 10 deck in front, and 8 X 12 deck in back.(Building Committee checked setbacks, approved and Board APPROVED)
  • Brodigan Permit- Detached Building/Garage. Waiting on DNR permit and need separate Road deposit check (Approved PENDING DNR PERMIT) )
  • Kimler- Lots 412-414 Permit to construct house- (Approved PENDING DNR PERMIT)
  • Bill Allyn—Lot 3, build deck for Pool. (Building Committee & Board APPROVED.)
  • Earl Burkle-Need to Submit Check for permit on Lot 11
  • Sam Helling-Permit to move free standing car port from Brodigan property to 450 White Oak. (Setbacks Building Committee & Board APPROVED)

Property Ownership Changes:

  • Mike Lynch from Larry Brown. Lots 213, 214

Road Report:   Address the pothole on front road onto island as brought up by Bob Gilkes in Annual meeting.

Boat Storage Committee:  If interested in storing boat trailer in Association Shed for the summer, contact Don Niosi. First come first serve.  $30 per trailer.

 Ramp Committee:  Based on Approval Vote at Annual Meeting, Board will move forward. See notes in Old Business.

Beautification Committee:  Nothing to report

Pond Committee:  Based on annual meeting discussion, Kari Winders will move forward with research on cost, & options for pond clean up.

Old Business:

  • North Ramp-.
    • Terry Denner has paperwork prepared and will send the forms to DNR/Corps of Engineers in Rock Island.
    • Discussion held on getting 3 solid bids and final figures (Friedlein, Willie, and Vondehaar) to be presented at next meeting.
    • Tabled until July meeting.

New Business:

    • Discussion held on next steps to research possible Storage Unit building on island.
      • Need to research building types, sizes
      • Comparative rental rates
      • DNR approvals
      • Contract cost estimates
        • Tabled until July meeting.


  • MAIL TO:
    • Esmann Island Assoc., 356  1st Avenue, Guttenberg, Ia 52052

Any assessment not paid by August 1, 2017 will be assessed an interest charge of 12%. Please inform the secretary or treasurer of any changes or corrections in your name, your mailing address, or your lot information, including sale of property when you pay your assessment.

Next Board Meeting will be Saturday, July 15th at 8:00 am.

Motion made by Terry Denner to adjourn at 12:40  2nd by Bruce Copeland. Motion approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Helling




Esmann Island Annual Meeting Minutes– June 24, 2017

Esmann Island Owner’s Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

June 24, 2017

Call to Order:  The Annual Meeting was called to order at 10:08 a.m. by President Doug Hintzman.  Doug Hintzman made note that the Annual Meeting notice was mailed June 12-13th, 2017.

Board Roll Call:  Present were President Doug Hintzman, Vice-President Chris Miller, Board Members Tom Reimer, Chad Williams,Tony Reyerson, Bruce Copeland, and Terry Denner. Treasurer: Helen Schwietert and Secretary Laurie Helling also present.

Annual Meeting Minutes of 6-18-2016 were announced.

  • Doug asked if any members present preferred the minutes to be read aloud. There were no requests or questions regarding minutes by members present, so therefore a motion was made to waive reading of minutes.  Dave Koopman made motion, Bob Gilkes 2nd.  All approved. Motion Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Cash Flow and Balance Sheet presented by Doug Hintzman.
    • Donna Gilkes raised question on amount of expenditures in Common Grounds.
      • Helen Schwietert presented and read itemized list to members present.
        • Tree Cutting & trimming along back road in the fall
        • Excavation by Friedlein for ramp repair
        • Dock materials for North Ramp
        • Lawn Mowing Services
        • Garbage Pick Up
          • Discussion held on Bi-County Disposal to explain the variance on the total vs. months billed.
        • Doug asked for a motion from the floor to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Bob Gilkes made the motion, 2nd by Ken Brandel. All approved. Motion Passed.

Reports of Officers:

  • Road Report –(Tom Reimer)
    • Road remains generally in good shape at this time
      • Bob Gilkes mentioned a pot hole on the road entering the island before the Abel Island entrance that needs to be filled in and patched.
        • Board members will go check it and see if they can fix it
      • REMINDER for ALL OWNERS to trim low hanging branches and bushes/trees along the road/streets bordering their lots to keep sight lines as clear as possible and safety reasons. There are several areas that need to be trimmed back!
      • PLEASE push gravel back off the road after construction. When any construction occurs on your property you are responsible for the road conditions and directly tied to your road deposit that accompanies permits.
      • A big thank you to Island Members who assist in keeping trees and shrubs etc. in check along our common grounds!
      • If you notice any areas of concern on the roads, please let any board member know!
    • Esmann Web Site: Site was down for a couple months due to hacking and viruses but is currently functional. Apologies for any lapse of communication it caused

 Report of Committees:

  • Dock Committee
    • HUGE THANK YOU to Terry Denner and several other members who purchased materials and rebuilt the North Dock over the winter. It looks great!
    • North Ramp condition will be discussed further under Old Business.
      • Friedlein Excavating completed pulling of rocks and silt from the ramp area 2016
      • Repair work on 2nd St ramp was completed by Friedlein Excavating in spring 2016
    • Landscaping & Beautification Committee: AGAIN, a HUGE THANK YOU to Cindy Miller, Mary Eulberg and everyone who has helped plant perennials, trim weeds, etc. around the island, pond, boat ramps, and back road.
    • Pond Committee:  Kari Winders represented the Pond Committee. Kari had sent out a survey in 2016 to address the interest of membership in improving the Pond itself and common grounds. Overall responses were very positive in wanting to see the pond cleaned up and usable for the future.
      • There is now dock installed at the pond for fishing and launching kayaks. A huge thank you to members who made that possible!
      • Kari recently sent an email to the Island Event email list regarding information on someone who may have the machinery to excavate the silted in area.
        • Discussion held on getting formal bids from area contractors but also possibly from groups that work specifically with dredging & maintaining ponds.
        • Discussion held on renegotiating lawn mowing contract to include cutting and weed trimming around edge of pond. High water prevented that from happening this spring. Board member will contact.
          • Also brought up was a need to get a brush hog to cut back the willows that are growing wild on the east side edge of the pond by entrance road.
  • There was a nomination of a proposal by board for Kari Winders & Pond Committee to pursue options for the pond, pursuant of further research and cost to be brought to the board.  Kari made motion and 2nd Jan C. 2nd Show of hands among owners present, 53 For–1 Against. Motion Approved to move forward, collect bids, options and present at a future Board Meeting.
  • Event Committee:
    • Cindy Miller will continue to post the EVENT calendar on the Island Bulletin Board for those who do not have computer access.
    • The Events calendar is also emailed to members.
    • If you wish to be on the email list for events and aren’t already, please contact Cindy Miller.
    • If you are hosting an event, or would like to add an event to the calendar now or future, contact Cindy Miller.
    • THANK YOU to all the island members hosting great and fun events!

Election of new Board Members:

  • Doug Hintzman and Chris Miller have fulfilled their term obligations and are not seeking re-election.
    • Thank you so much for your service to the Board for several years!
  • There were no nominees prior to Annual Meeting, thus nominees were accepted from the floor.
  • Nominations from the floor was opened by Doug Hintzman.
    • The following members accepted the motions and were placed in the election.
      • Chip Flory *Donna G. made motion, Tom R. 2nd
      • Bob Buhrow *Chip F. made motion, Cindy Miller 2nd
      • Jane Ertl *Chris Miller made motion, Terry Denner 2nd
    • Since there were 2 Board openings, and 3 candidates, President Doug Hintzman asked the members present to fill out ballots to be collected and counted. Results were announced before end of meeting.
    • Tom Nagel had a quick question about Proxy voting. Board only takes member/owner votes present at meeting for the nominations from the floor.
    • Jane Ertl Root &  Bob Buhrow


  • The Clayton County & City of Guttenberg Proposal for a multi-use trail from Marina Road to Buck Creek Rd. has been put on hold due to budgetary cuts.
  • GARBAGE –Bi-County Disposal
    • Discussion held on satisfaction with new garbage service.
    • Everyone present seems very happy with service.
    • The employees are courteous and place garbage containers back where they were.
  • Bi-County will pick up large items like appliances but you need to contact them ahead of time: 563-875-9076
  • Local scrap dealer you can contact named Laverne: 563-252-9187
  • 911 List: A new 911 list will be revised after annual meeting with address and ownership changes. Will be emailed. If you absolutely need a hard copy and can’t print from the email contact Laurie Helling, Secretary.  This list will include 911 address, owner name/home address, and Lot numbers only.
  • PLEASE NOTIFY Laurie Helling (Sect) as needed with any address changes, email changes, property changes so we can maintain clean and up to date information! Thank you!


    • Proposal A was on the annual mailing ballot in order to gauge interest in the membership for moving forward with the North Boat Ramp repair.
    • The Board proposes to repair and reconfigure north boat ramp to better serve the membership, up to a maximum expenditure of $25,000.
      • Doug Hintzman explained the ramp itself has cracked, the silt continues to fill in and current is very strong in current position.
      • The silt and rocks were dug out by Friedlein last year.
      • A 30 X 16 cement slab would be poured on site and then placed in river at a slight 42 degree angle to the south.
      • DNR & Corps of Engineer forms are ready to be sent to Rock Island Office
      • Discussion followed and questions answered to the best of the board’s ability pursuant to voting by membership whether or not to proceed on finalizing bids and repair.
        • Votes counted and Proposal A was Approved by a wide margin (78 Yes-7 No) to move forward with proper permission forms from the Corps and collect bids.


  • Proposal A was on the annual mailing ballot in order to gauge interest in the membership to before moving forward with other ideas, possible costs etc.
    • The Board proposes constructing a storage unit building on common ground. Units would be rented to Esmann owners as an idea for a future Association revenue stream.
    • Doug Hintzman again explained this is just an “idea” at this point.
    • Board discussed possibly constructing storage unit building on island common ground as a benefit to members and possible income stream in future.  Would island members want storage on the island for boats, golf carts, personal belongings?
    • Discussion held:
      • Storage unit building could possibly be 60 X120 with stalls wide enough for pontoon storage, with movable walls to adjust unit size.
      • Available to island members, would need to determine cost per foot and/or stall based on size.
      • Would be built on common ground, probably connected to current island shed.
      • Some concerns raised about security and liability, all of which would be discussed more fully in future.
      • Brian Hamling voiced concerns of having a large building across from his property and in general using green space when there is so little left.
      • Other members concerned other green space/open lots are being bought up just for the construction of big garages and sheds now, and having extra units available would alleviate some of that activity. Cindy Miller said we should keep open lots for homes and new families/members not garages or sheds.
      • Bob Sims said if there was a new building put up it would have to meet all the DNR guidelines (above flood level) etc. which could drive up costs and was doubtful of it being able to really produce steady revenue unless every unit is rented every year.
      • IF the majority of votes are YES and IF people are interested, then the board is just taking steps to looking into this further, approximate costs, options etc. **Nothing would be done in the future without membership participation and approval. This is just the approval to research it and present more detailed options at some point in the future.
      • **Votes counted and Proposal B Approved by a narrow margin (43 Yes -40 No) to at least research options.
  • MOSQUITOES: Member Bob Sims brought up the concern that mosquitoes seem really worse this year and wondered if anyone had thought about or checked into spraying?
    • Discussion held on DNR concerns, member concerns with kids, pets etc.
    • Some members did hire someone to spray/fog yard but would have to be repeated after rain.
    • Other members are trying more natural (non-chemical) methods. One being:
      • 1 Large bottle CHEAP BLUE Mint Mouthwash
      • 3 Cups Epsom Salt
      • 3 Stale Beers
      • Mix together until Salt is dissolved
      • Spray on grassy areas, around your decks, fire pits, etc.
        • Get rid of standing water around your home, trim high grass, weeds
        • We are not saying this works but it’s worth a try!! Several members said it did work for them!
  • SAND PIT & Additional Pond common ground IDEAS?
    • Cindy Miller is open to member suggestions for more ways to utilize the sand pit area, possibly Sand Volleyball net, horseshoe pit, and play area. Etc. Please contact Cindy with ideas.
    • Contact LaDonna Nagel if you are interested in participating in an all island Garage sale, tentatively set for a weekend in August.


  • FIREWORKS: PLEASE BE COURTEOUS of all Island Members, especially at Sand Pit area. We are asking for Fireworks to please STOP AFTER 11:00 PM.   Please inform guests, family members to finish by 11:00 pm and to clean up the next day! Thank You!!
  • ALL VEHICLES including 4 wheelers, go-karts, scooters, mopeds, Cars, etc. OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT! PLEASE inform your Guests about our road rules and speed limit!
  • GOLF CART OWNERS—Members raised concerns of very young drivers in carts this summer! Please, please, do not let young children drive (under 11-12) unaccompanied/unsupervised in your golf carts. Young drivers ideally should have someone with them who at the minimum a permit or license. Safety first always!
  • Recreational Vehicle Guidelines were jointly agreed upon between Esmann and Abel Island in 2015 for identification of carts, cart safety for drivers and riders.
    • It is strongly recommended to have members check insurance policies to cover golf carts and recreational vehicles.
    • With more golf carts and other recreational vehicles on the island roads than ever in years past, it is of the utmost importance to all island members to adopt a “safety-first” attitude

General Reminders:

Reminder: Esmann Island Fireworks (sand pit) July 8th when dark! (930ish) *PRE-FIREWORKS PARTY & BAND (ViceBox) at Kari & Dennis Winders “Garage Mahal” on Timber Lane Rd. Meat provided, Please bring a Dish/Dessert to Pass and your own beverages Good-Will Donations will be accepted for Esmann Fireworks Fund and Pond Committee!  5:30-6:00pm

Reminder:  Abel Island Fly In (Saturday) Aug 19th 2017

Reminder:  Esmann Island Golf Cart Parade, Labor Day Weekend-(Sunday morning) Sept. 3, 2017

Doug Hintzman asked for a Motion to Adjourn. Motion made by Chris Miller, 2nd  by Chad Williams.  Motion carried and meeting was adjourned at 11:33 pm.

Thank you very much for your participation and input in our Annual Meeting!

Have an ENJOYABLE & SAFE Summer!

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Helling, Secretary


REMINDER: Notice of Annual Meeting June 24 10:00 am

Esmann Island Owners’ Association

 June 11, 2017


Date:   June 24th 2017—10:00 a.m. sharp

Esmann Island Association Building             *BRING YOUR OWN SEATING*


  1. Call to order, Board Roll Call
  1. Meeting Notice
  2. Reading of Minutes of Preceding Meeting (Last year minutes included)
  3. Reports of Committees
  4. Election of board members (2 Positions) *PLEASE NOTE: We did not have any nominees at the time of mailing, therefore, we will attempt to fill remaining positions during meeting.  PLEASE mail or bring BALLOT with you if attending meeting.
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business

The Board wishes to thank all members who have helped out this past year. With volunteer cooperation, we again have been able to keep our association dues in line, and have been able to continue improving and enjoying our community!

Any questions should be directed to the current board

President:  Doug Hintzman   (319) 296-2844 –

VP:  Chris Miller   (319) 533-2281 –     Tom Reimer   (319) 231-5498 –

Chad Williams   (319) 533-9663 –     Tony Reyerson   (608) 386-2199 –

Terry Denner  (641) 330-3487 –       Bruce Copeland (319) 721-1779 –

Treasurer:  Helen Schwietert (563) 608-2994 –  Sect. Laurie Helling (563) 542-8144